Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Creative Booth Wall from Book Pages

This is a booth wall created with book pages.  You can read all about it here on the Curious Sofa blog.  You'll have to scroll down to get to the section about this wall.  Don't scroll too quickly.  Its a best of 2007 post and it's full of good stuff that you'll still love in 2014 and beyond!

She used old book pages and printed images of birds and butterflies on them suing her home printer.

She punched four holes in each page, used hole reinforcers on the backs of each hole and attached the pages with 5 inch strands of crochet thread.

She attached each row of pages to a board at the top of the wall, using tiny eye hooks.

More details can be found on her blog page.

She did three walls of her booth, 
but you could make 
quite an impact 
doing something similar 
on just one wall 
or even 
just behind one vignette.