Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Screen Door Displays

Doors are great for maximizing booth space.  They look great, take up very little space, can create a division between booths, and they can be used to display small items attractively!

First, how to keep them upright...   In this first example, decorative wrought iron shelf brackets were used.

Photo found on Pinterest - with no source link.

I used doors in my booth.  The photo below was taken before I had them in place.  I used L brackets.  The pretty white wrought iron brackets in the above photo are more attractive, but L brackets still have a slight advantage.  When placing furniture in front of the doors, you don't have to work around the curly-q's and scrolls that stick out.  My L brackets were 6 inch ones and the doors never fell over.  Still, if I had it to do over, I think I'd use 8 or 10 inch brackets just to give me more piece of mind.

Screen doors offer all sorts of display opportunities.  If the screen is a tight wire version, you can hang lightweight items like jewelry or ornaments.  If it's heavy wire or metal, you can use S hooks and hang all sorts of things.



You can also add hooks to the wood parts to hang even more.  In the earlier photo of my green and blue doors, you can see I attached coat hooks. I hung wreathes and signs and all sorts of decor from those hooks.  In the photo below, the attached screw-in hooks offer a whole different range of possibilities.  I believe this example is for home decor, but it can easily be incorporated for booth use.

Source - Beyond the Picket Fence
I found this link on Pinterest, but it didn't lead to the exact post.  No matter.
This is a great blog that you should browse through for all sorts of ideas!
Heather actually lives pretty close to me and I see her from time  to time.  She's soooo nice!

Want more door inspiration?  My Pinterest board, Door-able, is devoted to all things doors.  There are loads of door ideas there.  Enjoy!