Thursday, December 26, 2013

You Called it a WHAT???

Be careful what you call an item on your price tag.  Your fancy item name may actually cause a customer to rethink a possible purchase.  Let me explain.

In the example above, the tag specifies that the desk is for ladies.

Booth vendors are generally creative people.  We love re-purposing things.  We could care less what an item is called. We'll buy an item and use it any way we choose.

Not all of our customers are like that.  Many are far more timid when it comes to decorating.  Some are afraid to buy anything but a bedroom suite because they don't have the confidence to put different pieces together.

Our more timid customers might see that desk and, at first glance, think it would look nice in their home office.  But when they look at the tag to check the price, the word ladies might make them worry that the desk is too feminine.  Maybe it wouldn't work for the family after all.  No sale.

A nice name is wonderful.  Details are nice.  But be very careful about not using a name that will limit a buyer's imagination.

A couple of other examples that come to mind (because I've seen them used recently) are "gentleman's chest" and "youth desk".  I recently saw "youth desk" used on a tag for a normal sized desk that most anyone could use.

PS - I kept thinking that "ladies desk" should actually be "lady's desk".  I did a quick search and saw both ways used.  "Ladies" seemed to be use a little more and I saw it used by a few companies that surely knew their stuff, so that's what I used.  If anyone sees a definitive answer, I'd love to know!