Monday, December 30, 2013


I could debate all day long the pros and cons of putting things in your booth that are not for sale.  Both sides have valid arguments.  As for me, I was a middle of the fence girl.    Sometimes I just liked adding a few not-for-sale little details simply because it made me happy.  So, from that point of view, take a look at these pretty snowflakes -

Source: Bugs and Fishes

These were made for a kitchen window in a home, but they could really pretty in a booth.  Even though you would be spending time on something that is not for sale, in the end, it could help you with other sales.  I truly believe that better booth decor makes what you are selling look more appealing.

 If you have a nicely decorated booth,
you can generally ask (and get) 
MORE for your items 
than those with booths that  
look "thrift store-ish".

Christmas is over.  It's winter.  Have some fun with it.  If your booth is in a warm state, this look would go over even better.  I live in Georgia, and around here, most people long for a good snow every winter.  Everything comes to a halt when it snows here.  Paper snowflakes are happy reminders that maybe, just maybe, we'll have a good snow this year.

If you have creative kids, teenagers, or young-at-heart helpers around, you might get them busy on this project.

 I love how these are grouped in front of a window, but a window is not necessary.

They would look especially pretty in a booth devoted to whites and neutrals.  And maybe a few silver things and things that sparkle.  Very wintery!

They'd take on a whole other fun look in a colorful booth.

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