Saturday, March 1, 2014

Instant Spring Look in Your Booth - Just Add Plants!

The last 3 posts were all about transitioning your booth into spring.  Another simple way to add a touch of spring to your booth is to add a few plants.  What a difference a bit of greenery can make.

Plants add something special to all booths, no matter what the style. Even if you have a booth that is mostly white and neutrals and burlaps, you will be amazed at how having a few plants around can improve the look.

Low maintenance plants are best, especially if you only stop in once a week.  It would be better to have no plants at all than a dying, withering plant.  There are certain plants that are fairly easy to keep, even if you are nowhere near a window.  There are many houseplants that are great for a booth.  You can find lists for them all over the internet.  Here's a list of 10 plants you may like.  Some of them need sun, About half of them are fine in low light.

One of my favorites is the golden pothos.  They are very hardy!  As they grow, they cascade down and are great for softening a corner.  When the runner grows too long, simply cut it off, stick it in dirt to root / propagate and before long, you'll have another plant.  Cheap and easy, right?

Speaking of cheap and easy, you probably have a few pretty things growing in your yard.  You can bring in cuttings from bushes and flowers and put them in vases in your booth.  Of course, those don't last long, but while they do....   :-D


I love real plants best, but you can certainly get away with using good fakes in your booth.  You might use a mix of real plants and fake plants.  Put the real ones in key locations down low.  Situate the fake ones so they are seen at a distance.  Placed correctly, no one will know the difference.

Don't go overboard on the fakes!  For that matter, don't go overboard on the real ones, either.  Unless you are selling plants, having just a few in your booth will suffice.  As always, the focus should be on what you are trying to sell.

Geraniums (and other flowering plants) in bloom can make so many pieces of furniture look great, but they are not good in low light.  You could put them under a lamp to help them look nice longer.  OR - you could find a GREAT fake and just go for it.

I've shown this photo before, but it's just too perfect not to use again in this post.

Plants can also be used to show repurposing possibilities for things you are trying to sell. Like this -

Here are more inspiration photos of booths with greenery.  Are they using mostly real plants or fake ones?  You tell me.  As you look at these photos,  try to imagine what the booth would look like without the greenery.  They just wouldn't be as inviting, would they?




Stay tuned for more plant inspiration photos!