Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Color Grouping

Grouping by color is a tried and true booth display trick.

If you find that you have a number of things in the same color family, try putting them together in a vignette.  Every single thing in the display doesn't have to be in that color family.  There just needs to be enough of that color (usually paired with a neutral) to have an impact.

Amazingly, you can use shades of the same color that don't necessarily look great together, as long as you have many variations of that color.

I saw this first hand once when I was trying to find the perfect shade of green for my home decor.  I pulled together a number of things in my house with greens that I loved.  When I put just two greens together, they usually clashed. When I put lots of shades together, I noticed the grouping was very striking.

Here are a few color display groupings for inspiration -

Source - My Desert Cottage

Source - This isn't actually a booth, but it would look nice in a booth!

Source - I found this on Pinterest and unfortunately, the pin didn't go to the exact post.

Look for more color grouping examples on the Vintage Show Off Facebook page!