Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Patio Umbrella as a Booth Anchor Piece

It's a good idea to have something fabulous in your booth to make it memorable and to create a wonderful first impression.  I have heard this type of item described as a booth anchor piece.    It's usually one fantastic piece of furniture, but sometimes it's a unique prop.  In this case, it's a patio umbrella.

This is the Faded Charm booth at the Farm Chicks show this past summer.  Even without the umbrella, you'd want to walk into this booth.  The set-up is very nice and most anyone who loves vintage would see something that would entice them in for a better look.  But the use of the umbrella brings the style perception of this booth up into the stratosphere!

I skimmed the comments on her post and plenty of them mentioned the umbrella.  Yep.  It's a showstopper.

After you read this post, I highly recommend checking out the full post - Faded Charm - The Farm Chicks Adventure.

On a similar note, A year or two ago, I was part of a team of five vendors who shared a theme booth.  Nicole was one of the very talented vendors in the team.  She and I worked together to create this fun vignette with a picnic table and clothes line she brought in.  Note the crows perched on top - it was a late September or early October vignette.  That vignette got so many compliments while it was up.  Unfortunately, both the table and the clothesline sold really fast.  That booth was fairly popular and it had to be reworked constantly.  That's a good problem to have.

This post will be categorized using the label, anchor pieces.  I feel certain that I will have plenty more posts in the future showing interesting anchor pieces.

One more idea with umbrellas - If you find one with a good frame, but the fabric is awful, you could re-do it with fabric strips like this one from Vintage Whites.