Saturday, February 1, 2014

Inspiration Photos on Facebook!

I have been adding inspiration photos to Facebook since Day 1 of creating Vintage Show Off.  There are tons of photos you won't find here and I'll add more and more as time goes on.  Bonus - they are now grouped by categories so you can jump right to what you're interested in.

Click here to jump right over to the VSO Facebook albums.

This is just the beginning of what I have planned!  I have several more photo album categories that I'll be adding soon.   I have a pile of photos marked to add as time allows.

I have soooo many posts I want to write and so many resources to add to the Vintage Show Off pages.  I sure hope you're following along here and on Facebook so you won't miss a thing!

Also...  Please leave comments!!!   I can see from my numbers that I'm getting more and more traffic all the time.  But numbers are so impersonal.  Whenever I ask myself why I'm working so hard on this, I get a comment on this blog or on the Facebook page that let's me know I'm helping somebody.  That makes it all worthwhile.  Your comments REALLY do mean alot.