Friday, February 21, 2014

Visiting Some Lovely Local Stores

I am lucky to live in an area where there is an abundance of nice vintage stores and malls.  Many are a feast for the eyes with displays and vignettes that are creative and wonderful.    This week, I feasted a bit - in the towns of Senoia and Woodbury (Georgia).  I even swooned at few times. My response to a great display is something like an art lover would have beholding a masterpiece in a museum.  Am I crazy or what?

The ladies in charge at each of the stores where I wanted to take photos were just wonderful.   I should have taken more photos, but I kept getting distracted each time I found something that I wanted to bring home.  Even so, I took enough photos that I decided to create a new album on the Vintage Show Off Facebook page.    It's called Local Talent.  I look forward to adding more to this album each time I visit stores in the area!

Below is a quick look at some of what you'll see in that album - in the order I visited.  

As always, I am focusing on photos I feel will inspire.
To truly appreciate these vignettes 
and the details that make them special, 
you need to see larger photos.
See the link at the bottom of this post to get to the Facebook albums.

Also, while in Woodbury, I had lunch at this sweet cafe.  Delish!

Head on over to the 
and click on Local Talent to see the great photos!  
You'll be inspired.  

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Be sure to read the description for each photo.  
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Facebook page of each store in case you want to see more.