Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The One Wall Booth- part 2

Chris sent a photo asking for suggestions for her booth, which consisted of one wall.  She inspired me to write the post about one booth walls.   After reading the suggestions, she reworked her booth and sent the AFTER photo!  Check it out!

Chris said she is still looking for an anchor piece.  I love that she didn't let that stop her from creating her own.  She wasn't satisfied to wait.  Look what she did - she used her tall shelf to create two smaller ones and added a table top.

In the before photo you can see many vertical lines in the booth - many columns.  The shelf is vertical. The shutters - vertical.  The curtains and the slim white shelf - all vertical.  In the after photo, the shelf table broke up the columns to make a more pleasing display.

The only horizontal statement in the booth was the ruffled ribbon, but I'm glad she removed that.    Even though the ribbon was pretty, it made the booth feel even smaller and shorter.  Her new look feels taller and should she ever want to stack anything higher than her wall, it won't feel as if there is a border to stop her.

Interestingly, the booth without the ribbon seems a little brighter.  Notice the white wire wall shelf.  See how much better it shows up?  That could be just a photo quirk, but I'll bet it really is brighter there.

One more feeling I get as I look at the after photo.  Is it just me or does this booth feel easier to browse?  In the before booth I would probably stand further back to look through her items.  In the new booth, I would be more likely to walk up close and pick things up.

All of these changes are subtle, but they truly are important!  Chris, thanks so much for sharing your photos!